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A duvet is typically a solid white comforter filled with down or a down alternative. A comforter is generally the same as a duvet but usually comes in colors and patterns and doesn't use a cover.

You should obviously consider the size of your bed first, however, the look you prefer is also a consideration. Some people would like the comforter to just sit on the bed while others want it to hang from the bed. We have 4 main sizes: Twins, Full, Queen and King. You can choose according to your requires.

It's difficult to tell quality without seeing a duvet. Still, certain tell-tale signs are thread-count (at least 300), good outer shell material, good inner fill material. If you are looking at the bedding in person, feel the material and its loft and look to make sure the stitching is even and there are no loose threads.

When looking at a comforter, there are two factors to consider: material and warmth level.

Down inserts provide a lofty sensation and superior heat regulation. For people looking for a luxurious feel, down is the premium choice. For others who have allergies or want something vegan-friendly, down-alternative inserts offer a similar feel by using microfiber clusters instead of down.

Choosing your warmth level comes down to personal preference. We offer multiple warmth levels in down and down alternative options. Lightweight duvet, for warm sleepers and hot climates. Medium, a versatile, all-season option suitable for any climate. Heavyweight, for cold sleepers, winter months or a plush look.

Check care instructions came with the product. Here are some general washing instruction:
-Machine wash with cold water.
-Tumble dry on low.
-DO NOT use chemicals to sterilize.
-DO NOT bleach.

How to choose the right bedding?

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