55" Classic U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow (Blue and Gray)

With supreme manufacturing technology




adjustable poly-fill

Zipper removable allows you to make it softer and firmer in various areas for more tailored comfort

outside seam envolved

It is a real find for anyone who feels the outside seam is too sharp when neck close to it so that we double seam level on average it.

100% cotton outer cover

Every pillow cover is made of 100% cotton and machine washable. won't leave you feeling itchy or irritate your skin

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    The best support for pregnancy!

    During my first pregnancy, someone lent me a Queen Rose pillow and it was an absolute game-changer, really helping me sleep during the uncomfortable third trimester. For my current pregnancy I knew I had to order one for myself! This pillow has been great once again, though this time I've been using it upside down so I can still use my own pillow for my head.

    Felisha D
    Queen rose

    The neck seam is perfect. It does not dig into my neck, and it is barely noticeable. The fabric is super soft, I do however wish that the part that goes in between the legs was wider and more supportive.

    great for back

    This pillow is great if you have back problems. You can 'rearrange' the stuffing as needed to suit your own preference. Very comfortable. Shipped promptly.

    Best Sleep Decision Ever

    I broke a rib and dislocated a collarbone a while back, and trying to get to sleep was a nightmare (no pun intended). I finally splurged and bought this pregnancy pillow just to see if it would help at all and Oh My God. I don't have to dread going to bed anymore. I don't toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable. I don't worry that I'll twist the wrong way in my sleep and reinjure myself. I just lie down, snuggle in, and pass out. If your body has changed recently and you need help to get to sleep again, this is the pillow for you <3

    Candace Roumayah


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