Luxury U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow (Gray)


Pillow Size: 65 inches x 31 inches



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sentara roberson

Perfect price & product!

Love, love, love it!

I purchased my large (65”) U-Shaped pillow, along with extra stuffing to adjust the firmness/softness/and ability to reposition. I chose the pillow with the grey cover and it is superbly soft. I love it! I also found it to be useful in the sitting position. I put the U “head” up for head & neck support to watch tv or listen to an audiobook. I am thrilled I purchased from Queen Rose as their customer service is superb and my pillow is my non-human best friend. Also, the outer and inner covers are washable, but the whole pillow is not. I took off the grey cover and washed it with the rest of the pillow. Well, when the wash cycle was over, I opened the lid to see filling all over the basin and the inner lining torn. That didn’t deter me for ordering again from Queen Rose. I learned my lesson; now I just need to save up for another pillow. I want to try the chair as well. This pillow also has zippers in the inner liner so that you can add/remove and readjust the filling as needed over time and prolonged use. Oh, I am 5”2 to 5’3 and this 65” pillow is perfect for me to stretch out fully if I want. I purchased my large (65”) U-Shaped pillow months ago and I guess I forgot to write a review...sorry Queen Rose. Sometimes, I use the pillow to sleep or nap, but I also found it to be useful in the sitting position. I put the U “head” up as high as I need for head and neck support and watch tv or listen to an audiobook. The pillow is everything I wanted and I am thrilled I chose to purchase from Queen Rose as their customer service is superb. The company is overseas (based on their address and phone number), so if you write a message or send an email, don’t expect to hear back until the next day...unless you have an international phone plan. FINAL WORDS:: I definitely recommend both the products and the Queen Rose Company.

Jillian Maccaro
Great pillow

I purchased this pillow because I have trouble sleeping because of my neck...I'm a migraine suffer , I never can get in a position that feels good so I can sleep...This pillow has helped me get into a position to sleep better.
Thank you so much 💕!!

Love it!

I was worry that I had spent too much money when I made this purchase. It was around 1:30 am I had not been able to sleep for a couple of nights do to my back pain. The first night I tried the body pillow it was a huge difference . I had not slept in for years on a weekend, the first week On a Saturday I got up at 11:00am and the following day at 12:00pm. I love it, I would definitely recommend this item!

Love it!!!

I was very worried at first because I've been scammed before but this site and this pillow is LEGIT!!! First off it came fast, second it is everything they said it would be. I recieved the pillow and it was packaged great, came with the pillow case as well, so comfy and soft, it's definitely long enough for me, I'm 5'8" so I love the length, it fits me perfectly, I'm a bigger woman, I highly recommend this pillow for anyone, not even pregnant women, I'm not pregnant, but I'm glad I got this pillow. Thank you so much!!!!

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