65'' Luxury U Shape Pillow Cover 100% Cotton in White

Size of the replacement cover: 65" in length X 31" in width U shape pillow, if you do not make sure the size of your pillow, please measure before buying, or consult our customer service.

Material: Queen Rose Pillowcase made of 100% cotton adds gentle comfort to your skin without smelling.

Zipper: Long and double side zipper lock make it easy to replace

Clean: Machine-wash Available


  • This Pillowcase is customized for Queen Rose U shaped pregnancy pillow only, not suitable for pillows of other brands

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
65" cover

I really liked the feel of it, but it just didn't fit the pillow well. I had it on for a week, but the top, inside seam where it curves doesn't quite fit the pillow, so in order to get my head on the actual pillow part, the seam would dig into my neck and cut off circulation. Since it's been used and I would have to pay for shipping to return it, I just decided to not deal with that. Maybe I'll try to modify the cover to fit better...

Hi J.I. We are sorry that our product did not give you a good experience, we will contact you later by email to investigate the cause of the problem, thank you.

Did Not Fit

I bought two of these covers so I could wash the cover weekly with my sheets. I washed them before putting them on. There were no fabric tags showing the content of the fabric and no washing instructions. I washed them in cold water, dried low heat until damp dry, hung them up to finish drying. The next day I put one on the pillow. It was a difficult process and compressed the pillow about 20%, making it hard and uncomfortable. I wrote requesting a refund since it didn’t fit. The reply told me to take out stuffing (from the seven inch access at the pillow top) until it was comfortable. I wrote back that it was unacceptable. The second reply told me that it might be uncomfortable but sleep on it a few days, since cotton shrinks) and it would probably stretch. What a joke. It just doesn’t fit. Comment after response: Sorry I don’t have a picture to post. It was so tight, it was hard to touch. I’m 72 and disabled. I got it for my back issues. No way could I ever sleep on it. Folks: don’t buy it. Waste of my fixed income. 😪

We're sorry our products didn't give you a good experience.
The material of the pillowcase is cotton, so it does shrink after washing, but after a few days of use, it should stretch to its normal size, we recommend you to put on the white pillowcase, use a period of time, at first there may be some discomfort, after a few days should be better. We look forward to your feedback, thank you!

Ronna Trapanese
It showed up on time and was just what I wanted.

I get hot with regular pillow cases, but his one was nice and cool, and it fit my pillow perfectly. I also like it because I can remove it to wash. It’s nice to have an extra. It showed up on time and was just what I wanted.

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