Daily Relaxing Reading Pillow for pregnancy care and therapy.

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  • Size:56cm(H)*45cm(W)*33cm(L)
  • 100% Cotton
  • THE PLEASURE OF READING: Premium Reading Bedrest with Neck Roll Pillow specially designed to ensure the comfort and health for the relaxing time for you and your children. Also works well as lumbar support for maternity. Thoughtfully formed cushion with armrest provides a roomy and cosy area on your bed, floor or sofa. Bonus neck roll pillow gives you extra comfort when you lie down.
  • PREMIUM BED REST PILLOW with highly resilient cushion PURE COTTON filling and soft velour cover: This bed rest pillow with arms neck roll pillow are filled with premium cluster ball fibre for maximum support and keep you comfortable while reading, resting in bed or watching TV.
  • OUTSTANDING SUPPORT for your neck, back, and arms with specially reinforced cushion. Not only perfect for daily relaxing but also ideal for pregnancy care and therapy. 
  • BEST DESIGN FOR CHILDREN AND ADULT: Built to last with well-designed cushion body and selected filling material. Skin-friendly super soft touching velour cover provides a comfortably silky and fluffy surface. Children and adults will all enjoy relaxing in this bed rest pillow for hours.

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