65" Luxury U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow (Gray)


Pillow Size: 65 inches x 31 inches



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😍 Love


Not nearly as good as expected

I’m 5’8” and this long pillow is not quite long enough. Nor is there enough stuffing. I expected better for the price and number of positive reviews.

sentara roberson

Perfect price & product!

Love, love, love it!

I purchased my large (65”) U-Shaped pillow, along with extra stuffing to adjust the firmness/softness/and ability to reposition. I chose the pillow with the grey cover and it is superbly soft. I love it! I also found it to be useful in the sitting position. I put the U “head” up for head & neck support to watch tv or listen to an audiobook. I am thrilled I purchased from Queen Rose as their customer service is superb and my pillow is my non-human best friend. Also, the outer and inner covers are washable, but the whole pillow is not. I took off the grey cover and washed it with the rest of the pillow. Well, when the wash cycle was over, I opened the lid to see filling all over the basin and the inner lining torn. That didn’t deter me for ordering again from Queen Rose. I learned my lesson; now I just need to save up for another pillow. I want to try the chair as well. This pillow also has zippers in the inner liner so that you can add/remove and readjust the filling as needed over time and prolonged use. Oh, I am 5”2 to 5’3 and this 65” pillow is perfect for me to stretch out fully if I want. I purchased my large (65”) U-Shaped pillow months ago and I guess I forgot to write a review...sorry Queen Rose. Sometimes, I use the pillow to sleep or nap, but I also found it to be useful in the sitting position. I put the U “head” up as high as I need for head and neck support and watch tv or listen to an audiobook. The pillow is everything I wanted and I am thrilled I chose to purchase from Queen Rose as their customer service is superb. The company is overseas (based on their address and phone number), so if you write a message or send an email, don’t expect to hear back until the next day...unless you have an international phone plan. FINAL WORDS:: I definitely recommend both the products and the Queen Rose Company.

Jillian Maccaro
Great pillow

I purchased this pillow because I have trouble sleeping because of my neck...I'm a migraine suffer , I never can get in a position that feels good so I can sleep...This pillow has helped me get into a position to sleep better.
Thank you so much 💕!!

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