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Towards a Greater Mission

Queen Rose cares about more than just sleep. We're committed to giving back through the EcoBalance Alliance.


Queenrose awarded Forbes' Best Product Award for 2024.

Hybrid Mattress STANDARD

  • Medium Firm (4- 5)
  • Supports up to 250 pounds for Twin/Full mattresses and 500 pounds for Queen/King mattresses.

1.Edge support improved with separate springs for superior comfort.
2.Accommodates all sleep positions, relieving pressure and distributing weight evenly.
3.AirCool® tech keeps you 4 times cooler than rivals.
4.Last Foam® boosts comfort and durability.

Hybrid Mattress LITE

  • Medium Firm (5- 6)
  • Supports up to 200 pounds for Twin/Full mattresses and 450 pounds for Queen/King mattresses.

1.Offers a fully soft, cloud-like feel with Adaptive Support.
2.Ideal for consistent firmness without hard edges.
3.AirCool® tech keeps you 4X cooler than rivals.
4.Last Foam® enhances cradling and durability.

Sustainability From Nature To Us

Approximately 60% of the materials used in our products comes from recycled or sustainable sources, and we will be raising the percentage of these sustainable materials as we produce new and innovative bedding solutions.

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Mattress recycling Giving back to the community

Donate your used mattress if they are still in clean and good condition OR donate a brand new Twin Sized Queen Rose mattress to one of ... Queen Rose charity partnership brands at 25% OFF

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"Affordable mattress "

If you're looking for an affordable mattress then this piece here fits as good and it does reduce heat by a little.

"Worth buying "

Got one for my guest room and decided to give it a try. Good support and not expensive.

"Good support "

Mattress was thick and was surprised it could be shrink to such thin package for handling. ,have to say I was expecting the mattress to be not of a good quality and I will sink the moment I land on it but it didnt happen. very comfortable

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