Queen Rose - Hybrid Mattress Standard

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Thickness: 10-inch
Size: Queen
Mattress Size

AirCool® Technology

Our mattress features innovative cooling tech with a special layer that promotes airflow, keeping you cool with temperature drop to 35.6°F - 41°F throughout the night.

Last Foam®

Last Foam material allowing the mattresses to have a longer product life.

Temperature balancing

AirCool® Technology dissipates heat, preventing temperature buildup unlike traditional mattresses.

Superior support

Last Foam® provides stable support, enhancing mattress durability.

Soothing pressure relief

Adaptive Support System relieves shoulder and hip pressure, promoting comfort and reducing aches and pains for better sleep.

Safety Performance

SGS-CSTC certified for rigorous fire tests, meeting national safety standards. CertiPUR-US Certified - Fiberglass-free.

Hybrid Mattress STANDARD

√ Edge support improved with separate springs for superior comfort.
√ For all positions, even pressure, perfect support.
√ AirCool® tech keeps you 4 times cooler than rivals.
√ Last Foam® boosts comfort and durability.

Hybrid Mattress LITE

√ Offers a fully soft, cloud-like feel with Adaptive Support.
√ Ideal for consistent firmness without hard edges.
√ AirCool® tech keeps you 4X cooler than rivals.
√ Last Foam® enhances cradling and durability.

Product Specifications:

Fill : Top style

Material: 5-layer

Quilted hexagon pattern Cover:100% Polyester

  1. Fireproof Cotton:Fiberglass-free
  2. 1" Pressure Relief Layer memory foam: CertiPUR-US certified 
  3. 1" Support foam : CertiPUR-US certified 
  4. 9" 5-zoned individually wrapped coils with enhanced edge support

Coil Type: 800 individual pocket spring


  1. Twin: 74 (L) x 38 (W) x 12” (H)
  2. Full: 75 (L) x 54 (W) x 12”(H)
  3. Queen: 80 (L) x 60 (W) x 12” (H)
  4. King: 80 (L) x 76 (W) x 12”(H)

Feature: Temperature regulating

Packaging: Vacuum compressed

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