About Us

Founded in 2009, the initial mission of Queen Rose was to develop a cozy and affordable pillow for expecting mothers to have quality sleep as they enter their second pregnancy trimester when Frank, the founder of Queen Rose was expecting his first child with his lovely wife. Over the years the our maternity pillows variant has evolved to be of compact and versatile apart from our traditional U-Shaped pillow.

As Frank’s child grew, he realised how important sleep quality was in relation to a person’s wellbeing and overall performance in school and at work, thus, he began working with his team and a group of sleep researchers, venturing into sleep study and how quality bedding products could be developed. Thus, the development of our very own hybrid mattress with body heat reduction technology, ensuring optimal sleep quality. 

Continuing the Queen Rose journey our consumers will be expecting more comfort, visual aesthetically and practically designed bedding products that are made to quality and value. 
Our goal is to have our users enjoy a curated sleep and bedding solution on our sleep journey.

Our Vision

Enhancing the overall sleep wellness market

Our Mission

At Queen Rose, our sleep study team never stop exploring on quality sleep research and development to identify the different sleep issues faced by individuals.

Our approach to achieving our goal is to create a community for our stakeholders where sleep issues and solutions could be shared across our platform, providing our people with insights of persisting and trending sleep issues, thereby coming up with different solutions including lifestyle and habits analysis and recommendations to improve the well-being of our stakeholders.

Crafting Solutions

While other bedding manufacturers focuses on creating needs and niche, our aim to deliver solution is what makes us unique and different from our competitors. At Queen Rose, our products are carefully designed based on research, user experiences, and trials before releasing to the market.

Part of our development includes creating solution that fits not all, but majority of the market, achieving economies of scales not only for us, but also our consumers.