How to use pregnancy pillow during pregnancy?

How to use pregnancy pillow during  pregnancy?

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, as your belly gets bigger, the quality of sleep will plummet. At this time, various pregnancy guides will advise that you sleep on your left side, when lying on your left side your stomach will fall and your waist will be aching, plus your legs will be swollen, which will make you feel uncomfortable. This time, the maternity pillow is very suitable. First of all, it can hold the belly. Secondly, one leg of the pillow can be sandwiched between your legs, and the other leg can support the back.

U-shaped pregnancy pillow, it is best for women who like to sleep on their side, or women who toss and turn a lot at night, because you don't need to flip the shape or readjust the headrest part. The U-shaped pillow can support the whole body from head, neck to back, abdomen, knees and ankles.

Back to our topic, First of all, the best sleeping position for pregnant women is to sleep on the left side. The left side position can shift the dextrorotatory uterus to the left, thereby reducing the tension of uterine blood vessels, increasing the blood flow of the placenta, and improving the oxygen supply of the fetus in the uterus. So, how to use the U-shaped pregnancy pillow?

In Front of your Bump

Lying in the groove of the U-shaped pregnancy pillow, and letting your belly lie on the left side on the pillow, so that the pregnancy pillow can play a supporting role in the pregnant woman's belly.

Around your Back

Leaning on the back of the pillow for pregnant women can relieve the soreness of the waist.

between legs

Placing the legs on the pillow can relieve the soreness caused by swelling of the legs, allowing pregnant mom to sleep cozy.

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