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Is it necessary to buy a pregnant woman pillow?

Is it necessary to buy a pregnant woman pillow?

Many pregnant women have poor sleep quality during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. In addition, to maintain the left sleeping position, it is necessary to rely on certain auxiliary sleeping tools.

The general doctor recommends that the pregnant woman adopt the left sleeping position, because the left lateral position can make the right-handed uterus to the left, and the left lateral position can reduce the compression of the aorta and the radial artery in the pregnant uterus, so as to maintain the normal tension guarantee. The blood perfusion of the placenta makes pregnant women less prone to lower extremity oedema, lower extremity varicose veins and fetal dysplasia.

So is it necessary to buy a pregnant woman pillow?
Some mothers said that they did not purchase a special maternity pillow during pregnancy, but instead set up a "pregnancy pillow", as shown in the figure below. Most of the friends around her did not purchase a special maternity pillow. However, this simple "pregnancy pillow" is not very convenient, almost every night the pillow will fall to the ground.

The mother who bought the pregnant woman's pillow said that she would sleep with her pregnant woman's pillow every night. She felt very good and the pillow would not fall to the ground.

There are also some ingenious mothers who make "pregnant pillows" by themselves. However, sewing a pregnant woman's pillow with a sewing machine requires a certain skill, not all pregnant mothers can do it. To get a decent pregnant pillow, many pregnant mothers still have to pay for it.

Buy a pregnancy pillow, and start your sweet night tonight. You will not regret.



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