The Culture of Sleep - Sleep Rituals Around The World

The Culture of Sleep - Sleep Rituals Around The World


Sleep rituals varies across different parts of the world, influenced by culture, history and myths. While some rituals could be backed by scientific logics, others were developed from old traditions and believes. But regardless of the different rituals, they share the common goal - achieving better sleep quality. Read on to discover some interesting culture of sleep in this article! 

The Afternoon Nap Ritual 

In Asian countries like Japan, China, and Philippines, naps are usually taken right after lunch as it is believed to not only boost productivity, but also to aid in digestion 

While in the Western and European region, naps were taken during summer or the warmest time of the day where shops will be closed for a few hours to catch a nap and stay away from the afternoon heat. 

Sleeping with Windows Open in the Winter

In Greece culture, it is common to sleep with windows open, even during winter as it is believed to promote a healthier sleep environment with the better air ventilation. This practice is especially prevalent during the warmer months when the weather is more conducive to keeping windows open. The tradition reflects a cultural preference for a cool and airy sleeping space, aligning with the Mediterranean climate that Greece experiences.

Sleep Yoga

In Tibetan Buddhism, dream yoga is a traditional practice that involves using the dream state as a path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Dream yoga falls under the category of the Six Yogas of Naropa—a set of advanced tantric practices where individuals are often in a sub-conscious state with the aim to use the experiences within the dream state as a means of realising the nature of mind and achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Night of San Juan

In Spain and some parts of Latin America, a traditional celebration called The Night of San Juan takes place on the evening of June 23rd, at the beach with bonfire. In contrary to other sleep rituals mentioned in this article, which serves to promote sleep wellness, The Night of San Juan is a form of celebration where people believed that on the eve of this day, which was deemed the shortest night of the year, one could be blessed by the waters, driving away evil spirits to bring good luck and health. 

There's More...

We are sure there's more sleep culture and rituals out there waiting to be discovered. Fancy to share your part of the sleep rituals? Comment in the section below this blog and our Queen Team will dig deeper into it! 

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