How to choose your right pregnancy pillow

When you choose a pregnancy pillow, you should consider the factors as below:

  • The size of the pillow is suitable for you?

Queen Rose have two sizes and two shapes:

Our Standard Classic U Shaped Pregnancy Pillows and Cozy C Shape Pregnancy Pillows will be more suitable pregnancy women  height lower or around 5'3"(63 inches).

Our Long U Shaped Pregnancy Pillows can be another option for the pregnancy women are on the taller like over 5'3"(63 inches). 

  • Can this pregnancy meet your needs and expectations in terms of support and comfort during your pregnancy?

 Queen Rose HAVE two shape of pregnancy pillows, both of them are full body pillow for back, hip, leg pain. They can support your head, neck, back, bump, and in between your knees to help align your hips.

If you’re struggling with back and hip pain, you don’t have to juggle multiple pillows at night; you can just slip the “legs” of this pillow between your knees to help your hips and support your back at the same time. You can also fold it and use it on the couch for back support while you’re resting.

  • Your Bed Size and do you sleep single or with a partner? 

When you choose a pregnancy pillow, you may need to consider the size of the pillow if you sleep with a partner because you should leave some space for your partner.


However, to choose the right pregnancy pillow is really depends on what your needs are.   

We make a guide for you to know more about queen rose pregnancy, hope it can help you to choose your right pregnancy pillow.