Shopping for mattresses. It’s an intimidating prospect under the best circumstances, but it can be especially daunting when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Check out the representative of QUEEN ROSE and Zinus to get an idea of the key features that set QUEEN ROSE apart from our competitors.

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QUEEN ROSE - Award-Winning Mattresses

QUEEN ROSE hybrid mattress is crafted with Phase Change Materials (PCM ) for 5 times at least more heat dispersion than Zinus memory foam mattress. Hybrid construction makes QUEEN ROSE stand out for temperature regulation and durability.

Zinus- Why Pay So Much For So Little?

Zinus mattress is made with multiple-layer soft foam. Compared to QUEEN ROSE, Zinus mattress is poor at temperature regulation, and the foam layer will sag over time, supporting heavier weight push it to break down more quickly.


QUEEN ROSE- Enjoy Instant Coziness

Compared to Zinus, the QUEEN ROSE mattress is 12" thick, except for the layer on top of gel, foam, and memory foam, we add extra motion-isolating independent pocket springs layer for a perfect balance of support and comfort. That's the key to falling and staying asleep easily.

Zinus— Less Isn’t Always More

At 12” thick, Zinus's is completely made of foam. It's widely known foam is hard to disintegrate for our environment. Additionally, the short lifespan of Zinus mattress is at least 3 years less than QUEEN ROSE, which begs the question: why pay so much?

Temperature Regulation

QUEEN ROSE-Not Too Warm, Not Too Cold

Adopting advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) on the top, absorb body heat when too much is created and release it again to the body when needed. The coils also allow for more airflow, making QUEEN ROSE mattresses more breathable than Zinus mattresses. Enable you to sleep not too warm, not too cold.

Zinus— Wake up Sweating

The combination of foam and memory foam has been shown to trap and isolate heat. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, this heat may be directed back at you. Bad breathability causes you to overheat. It's awful for hot climate areas.


QUEEN ROSE- Persistent Comfort

The coils make QUEEN ROSE hybrid mattresses more durable than Zinus. Memory foam is known to sag over time, while coils can handle heavier weights, and tend to hold up longer than memory foam. QUEEN ROSE mattresses provide 7-10 years of comfort due to the hybrid construction and 12" thickness, prolonging the lifespan at least 3 years compared to Zinus mattresses.

Zinus- Shorter Lasting

Since Zinus memory foam mattresses don't have coils or any other structural support system, they can sag over time, especially if you tend to always lie down in the same spot. After a few years, you may notice that your mattress has an indent that won't go away. Zinus mattresses last 5-7 years, at lease 3 years less than QUEEN ROSE.


QUEEN ROSE-Edge-to-edge Comfort

The QUEEN ROSE comfort layers cover the full surface of the mattress, extending edge-to-edge, both head-to-toe and side-to-side, providing comfort and great sleep wherever you and your partner sleep.

Zinus-Comfort Only for The Center of Mattress

Zinus memory foam mattress doesn't have the best edge-to-edge support. When you put weight on the edge of the bed, it dips and sinks pretty easily. If you like to sleep on the side of your bed, you might feel like it's caving in and you're going to roll off of it.

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