Hear what thousands of happy sleepers have to say about their experience with QUEEN ROSE



Bought this for back and leg pain and have used it every night since. Love how versatile the pillow is. Its very comfortable and is great if you have lower back issues

Sneha Sree
Beverly Hills, CA

I bought this for my bonus daughter who is having our 1st grandbaby and she loves it! Helps her get the rest she needs.

Lisa Clark
Avenel, NJ

I was a little hesitant to buy this, as I've found mattress pads to be very "you get what you pay for" things. The reviews were amazing though and I've gotta echo everyone else. Perfect for my needs as a side sleeper who tosses and turns when I'm not comfortable enough. I was having a lot of shoulder joint pain and waking up with various parts of my arm numb when I was on my previous memory foam mattress topper. That's almost totally gone away after a couple weeks of sleeping on this one. I can't sing this topper's praises enough 🙌🏼

Elizabeth Harman
Los Angeles, CA

This was exactly what I was looking for in a topper! Purchased a firm mattress and just needed sometime to take the edge off, it's is so cozy! I do not find it hot at night, fits my queen mattress perfectly. It felt like not much after unwrapping it, but after letting it "rest" for a few days prior to sleeping on it, it filled in and was way more dense. Would definitely recommend!

Hannah Moore
New York, NY

At nearly age 70, I obviously didn't get this pillow for pregnancy! I just really wanted extra support. With this surrounding me, I sleep so well. I don't have nearly as much trouble with sore joints since I got this pillow. I wish I had this pillow years ago.

Lindsey Craig
Lake City,FL