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Love this U shaped pillow cover

My husband was allergic to the velvet pillow cover that the U shaped pillow originally came with. My husband is allergic to many things so this was not a surprise. He feels so much better with this cotton replacement cover. What I love most about it is it keeps me from getting hot at night. I recommend this cover if you are pregnant during the Spring and Summer especially.

Soft, easy to put on and take off.

Great product and fit, but...

The cover fits great. I love that it has the long zipper, the cotton is great, but I wish there were other colors of the cotton cover :(

Please help!

Hello, I purchased the 65" Luxury U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow in gray. I absolutely love the softness and U design of this pillow. The U design is excellent for when I toss and turn throughout the night. However, I strongly feel my pillow could use more filling, I have been struggling to get quality sleep as a result of this. The spacing in the middle of this pillow is pretty wide, and more filling would enable a more cradled effect for me. For now I'm back to my regular bed pillows. Hoping someone can help me solve this issue. Thank you.

Hi Lynn, don't worry, we'll help you solve this problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

Not a fan

Got this because of all the good reviews however i do not like this pillow at all. It does not have support at all. The pillow is very very lightweight and lacks stuffing majorly. Would not recommend

Good, Not Great Product - Outstanding Customer Service

Update 4/6/22:After seeing my disappointed initial review, Marine Moon proactively reached out to me. They made it clear that even though my initial review wasn't horrible, they want their customers to be completely satisfied. They made things right. Excellent customer service.Original review --------I've never had a pillow top bed before, but after research, I recently learned that as a side-sleeper, it's something that would likely greatly improve my quality of sleep. Since I already have my mattress, I decided to simply buy the mattress topper.First, I followed the advice of another reviewer, and I let it "air out" and expand for a couple days before putting it on my bed. It definitely is NOT 3 inches thick even doing that. It's maybe 1/3 as thick as the picture used to advertise it - at best - but it's comfortable.Second, as several other reviews have said, the elastic straps to "hold it in place" wear out and become useless after about two weeks. I've started using fitted sheets as a way to try to keep it from sliding around.I will say that it's true. Having this pillow top has been great for keeping from waking up with a sore shoulder, and it's also provided some relief for my back.Overall, this is ok, and would be 5 stars at half the price or if it was 3 inches thick as advertised.

Heaven on earth !!

I AM IN LOOOVE ��.Since the pandemic working from home and sitting at a computer 8hrs a day has been taking its toll on my lower back . I have a memory foam mattress and just recently I realized how hard and uncomfortable it was . I would always wake up the next day super stiff and sore ! It��s been about 4 days now that I��ve had this topper and it is heaven sent fr . After the first night I woke up painless and everyday after I have seen a MAJOR difference in how I feel the next morning . Ive seen in other reviews how people said they couldn��t wait to go to bed and Now I see what they mean lol . I had no issues with the packaging everything came well wrapped and on time . After unwrapping and inspecting it I shook it a few time and then layed it on my mattress to fluff on it��s on . I was scared to mess it up In The dryer so I opened my windows to help with airing it out . I let it sit for about 6-7 hours or so ! I haven��t had any issues with it deflating or anything so so far so good ! I have no complaints :)

Works well, wish it had more filling

Wish there were more colors in cotton beyond white, and that it had more filling. Other than that it has worked very well.

Best mattress topper ever!

Please excuse the soda stain but woooow what I difference this made I was debating on buying it because of the other reviews I read but took a chance and it so comfortable it so hard to get out of bed now but I love it soooo much 10/10

Exactly As Advertised

We were looking for a high quality mattress topper to soften the hard mattress we owned. This was the perfect solution.

definitely an improvement from the older version

You must let it fluff up for 3 days to get the full 3 inches before you put it on your bed cuz if you dont it will stay flat an you wont get that amazing 3 inch comfortable feal.

Great pillow top

Make sure you follow the directions. Place in dryer for 15 minutes low heat or no heat at all. (Will need a large dryer) also lay out if possiblefor 36 hours before actually laying on it. You will see this fluffs up tremendously and didn't lose its gold over night. One suggestion. When you wash your sheets and comforter, make sure to throw this bad boy in the dryer for those 15 ready minutes to keep this pillow top in good shape. Remember low or no heat. If you wash it, you will ruin it.

Not really cooling

Disappointed in the temperature cooling. Very comfy though. It does help with the pain some

Exelent 3 inch bed pad.Love it!

works great

Heavenly Bed

I was going for the comfort of the Heavenly Bed at the Ritz Carlton, and it's close. My wife never wants to get out of bed and falls asleep almost immediately (which may be a negative .. haha). My kids want one, but they would never get out of bed if they did. Make sure you get sheets with enough depth to cover your mattress and topper because adds about an inch or two. Quality sheets will add to the heavenly experience.

Amazing comfortable

We have purchased 2 of these. First the queen for our 5th wheel bed. After sleeping on it for 2 days we ordered the king size for our bed at home. I always place a foam pad first and add the topper over the foam. These toppers are wonderfully soft and now I'm going to bed earlier just so I can snuggle up on it. No smell its looks like the old feather beds but not as heavy and does expand at least 3 inches.


Bought this Queen size mattress topper due to hard mattress and not sleeping well. It fits great & seems to help. Haven't had it for that long so I don't know how long softness and comfort will last.

Best purchase!

I'm so glad I bought this. I took it out of the package early afternoon and slept on it that night. It felt squishy, fluffy and comfortable. I picture little gel pouches because it feels so squishy soft. I have insomnia and a pinched nerve in my back that causes back and leg pain. I found this very soothing on my body and I've been able to sleep the whole night, it's now been 4 nights in a row now. There was no smell to it, I didn't wash it before using it. I'm glad I took a chance because it is so comfortable. It really is pretty amazing.

Subtle difference, comfy

I have a memory foam bed, which compresses down the more you lay on it. I needed something with a little extra squish so ease my back pain, so I bought this. It looks way more fluffy when you put it on the bed, but also compresses quite a bit when you lay on it. It does make a difference with the softness of my mattress, just subtly. I kept, and really like. I also really appreciate the fact that It's not too fluffy that it would hurt my back if I sleep on my stomach, making me arch my torso.


I��ve had this mattress topper for almost a year and it has made such a huge difference in my sleep. After all this time, it��s held up really nice and has kept its fluff well. I highly recommend it. It��ll transform mattress!


This item is very comfortable. Fit nicely on the bed. Great purchase.

Exactly what I wanted!

My mattress topper was very soft. Getting used to sleeping on it. Feels like I am on an incline thou

A must have

I like everything about this topper��. What I don��t like is every time I have to wake up