Mattress Topper - Plush Soft

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Size: Twin

Classic Comfort

Our cube-designed mattress topper provides your old or new mattress with an extra layer of protection and supports your sleep wellness the classic way.

Cool and Supportive

Breathable and cool surface aid in regulating body heat by 20% while the medium-soft firmness contours and support your body in any sleep position.

Providing Extra Comfort and Protection

The additional 3 inches support from our mattress toppers helps with uneven surfaces of your old mattress, providing comfort that contours to your body shape and sleep position.

Our mattress toppers also serves as a layer of protection to improving the product life of both your current or new mattress.

Product Specifications:

Cover: 400 TC cotton cover

Colour: Polygon White

Fabric Type: High density microfiber

Firmness: medium

Product Weight: 9 pounds

Fitting Type: Pull-on

Other features: Temperature regulating, Styled topper, Water resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maya L
Feels like sleep on cloud

My original mattress was to firm for me and this mattress topper managed to make it feel so much softer and comfier to sleep on.

Good quality

Quality is just about the same as those selling over hundred bucks. Bought two sets for my queen size mattress so I could change them

Second Purchase

Previously got one while it was on sale and decided I need another spare to change out and keep the sheets fresh. Not gonna lie, this is one of the mattress toppers out there that is value for money even when its not on sales. And it helps to keep the mattress in shape too. Just be sure that your bedsheets are large enough to accomodate to the 3 inch thickness of the toppers

Good to use as a protector and topper

Gives extra comfort and protection to my old mattress which I do not intend to change for the time being. works pretty great.

Best Buy

Never had a mattress topper before. didn't know it will feels so good to have one. Helps to add the soft comfort to my current mattress. Good and not too expensive option